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Do you want to be able to:

  • Sing freely from a deep heart connection without any fear or judgment
  • Express yourself freely with unending inspiration, love and openness
  • Speak publicly with ease & grace tapping into your source of wisdom
  • Learn skills and experience clearing long held limiting patterns
  • Connect with your inner guidance and trust fully in the process of life
  • Experience heightened states of love and joy through singing uplifting, inspirational music
  • Live in the present moment of connectedness which ultimately frees you to have fun in any given moment.
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Become a Singing Leader

How to run a
Community Singing Group

A practical, fun and
transformational guide

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Julia is an experienced 'Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner' (PACH) since 2003 and has had a lifetime of singing and performing since childhood.

"When we communicate without fear everything flows and thrives to create intimate honest communication in relationships, to speak publicly with confidence, to sing freely without judgment with a depth of heart that allows your true nature to shine through. This way of being in the world is our natural state which ultimately enables us to achieve our highest potential."

Julia's vibrant, energetic and fun nature along with her empathic skills and years of singing and healing experience allows people to blossom beyond what they thought possible.

Julia runs private singing and healing sessions for all ages, couples, parent/child and group singing workshops as well as retreat and corporate settings. To enquire about how to arrange a Past Age Clearing and Healing session via Skype or Phone or book in for a Workshop or Retreat contact Julia on or on +61 (0) 412 201 736.

Simple, Effective, Empowering.