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Singing is my passion and has been the most instrumental force behind my healing in this lifetime.

Julia Williamson has a clarity and depth of quality to her voice which is a joy to experience. Her ability to put people at ease and let go of their judgment is without a doubt the reason her VoiceJam sessions are so successful.

Born in Southport Australia, Julia teaches about the healing power of song and expressing our truth and guides people to open up and free their channel of expression.

During her life Julia has experienced many vocations from office clerk, bar-work, waitressing, fitness instructor, lead vocalist in bands, duo’s and trio’s, administration and office manager, and events organizer. Since 2003 she has become a Past Age Clearing & Healing Practitioner, worked for the Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Music teaching singing in primary schools, started her own singing school working with all age groups and in amongst all that the most rewarding experience of all becoming a mother raising two beautiful children.

She has led many singing & songwriting workshops, performed thousands of gigs from pubs to 5-star hotels, run children’s choirs, taught singing in various primary and high schools and now focuses her time on her real passion. Inspiring others to open, heal and live from their hearts and to embrace their own unique expression and SING like nobody’s listening through avenues of weekly singing groups, monthly singing & healing workshops and private sessions in person or via skype, as well as being available for corporate functions and retreat settings.

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All aspects of our lives affect our voice and when we block our flow through negative beliefs and not expressing our truth our voice suffers.

My parents always said I was born singing and quite literally I was. Being born into an environment where they were constantly rehearsing for many varied theatrical productions. I was surrounded by song all the time and singing always came very naturally to me as well as the guidance provided by my parents. At the age of 7, I performed my first major solo at Brisbane City Hall in front of hundreds of people and as a family we performed many shows.

But as the years went on I adopted many negative and limiting beliefs telling myself “I had to be perfect to be liked”, and that “I was not good enough”; constantly judging myself. The fear became so great that at 10 years of age I sadly quit singing. I literally couldn’t stand the mountain of nerves and decided it was all too hard. Unfortunately when we do this it is not just our passion we shut off, it’s life.

These beliefs not only affected my singing but my entire way of being in this world. I didn’t take singing up again until my mid 20’s and of course I still had all the negative baggage with me. I experienced continual sore throats, loss of voice, panic attacks, depression and had developed chronic fatigue.

My strong desire to sing professionally, heal my physical body, clear the fears I lived with daily and to live a life that was happy and abundant led me to a woman called Maggie Landman and a process called Past Age Clearing & Healing (PACH) which transformed my life. After each session of PACH I started noticing major improvements in my energy and the depression lessened. I felt more emotionally balanced and not so overwhelmed with life. The sore throats disappeared along with the panic attacks and my confidence improved dramatically. It had such a profound effect on me I became a Practitioner in 2003. After many years of healing myself and others and performing thousands of gigs professionally I felt a freedom that I had only remembered experiencing as a very young child when I didn’t care what any-one else thought.

Then as luck would have it (or the Universe conspired!) I met Richard Lawton (otherwise known as Prakash) when I attended one of his amazing singing workshops. From here I attended annual music camps called Summersong held in Lennox Heads whereby I got to work closely with Richard as well as Tony Backhouse, Carl Panuzzo, Kristina Olsen and many other very talented musicians.

Richard was instrumental in me starting my singing school and creating singing groups where people can come together to sing just for the fun of it. His enthusiasm and belief in me was contagious and he was all about not being perfect which suited me Perfectly! Ha funny that.

Working intimately with the PACH process and a lifetime of singing and performing, I have developed and fine tuned my empathic skills. I now have the ability to quickly recognize and guide others to heal and free their channel of expression and lead a more fulfilling life and live from their hearts and not the judgment in their heads.

Singing with ease and joy is FREEDOM and totally Heart Opening. This dissolves all barriers and limitations and reminds you that you are capable of anything you choose. You just have to believe in yourself, listen and follow the guidance in your heart and MAKE IT A GREAT LIFE.

I love singing, I love life, l love the connection singing creates and the loving bonds that form within a singing group. We are all limitless beings and can create great things in our lives and singing is one of the quickest ways to connect to the joy of who we really are… LOVE..

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