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Pach Testimonials

I was abused sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally as a child. I suffered from anxiety, depression, low self esteem and just couldn’t seem to start making better choices for myself in life. I’ve sought many different healing mediums over the last 15 years including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, kineisiology, rebirthing and spiritual healing. Although I seemed to gain a little something from all of these methods, I remained stuck in self loathing, negative mindsets and toxic relationships.

I told myself that I loved myself whilst looking in the mirror but I just didn’t feel the love. Didn’t experience the peace. Until I began PACH sessions with Julia. Pach has changed my life. I have come home. This very simple yet profound healing simply unlocked the beliefs that I took on about myself and how life is for me. I had quite a few sessions because I wanted to. I processed pretty intensely for 2 months and sometimes it was hard but I already had the sense of peace from the very first session. I was willing to let go. I didn’t want this stuff ruling my life anymore. My children, partner, family and friends have all seen the effect Pach has had on me. I can’t thank Julia and the PACH work enough. Feel the POWER!

R Ireland, Singer, Songwriter and Performer, NSW

Dear Julia,


For the first time since 4 years I went out without the children last night (can you believe 4 years?) and went to see Gangaji in Bangalow. Have you seen the ads around? She does lightwork. She does a 5 day retreat from tomorrow on. By “accident” I overheard someone talking about a schoolarship for people to attend.I applied not thinking I would be accepted and they just called 2 hours ago to tell me that I got accepted.
Can you believe the impact you had on my live? If I would not have had the session with you on Wednesday, I would not have gone last night – I would have been too tired.

R Weber, Ocean Shores, Northern NSW

After separating from my husband I felt scared that I would not be able to support myself and my children. I started sessions of PACH with Julia and started to feel a real sense of safety and well being and that everything was going to be alright. And it is. I have secured a great job and now live in a lovely home and my children are very happy. Thank you Julia for your wisdom, support and open heart. You are a true blessing.

Julie Saunders, Belmont, Qld

Hi Julia,

Thanks for everything. Your session has really helped me. The essence I take seems to really help too. Also I loved the book! I am getting stronger by the day. It’s so hard but I know I have co-created what is happening in my life right now. I just hope I can co-create a great future. I don’t know what the future has in store for us, whether we will be back here in Australia or not but I hope we will always be friends. You have come into my life at my most trying time and have been such an instrument of healing for me. Thanks again for everything!

June, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I came to Julia for some past age clearing, not really knowing what to expect. In my first session I was taken to a place I hadn’t been able to access by myself, with all the workshops etc. that I had done. It was really deep, but essential for me to go there so I could heal and move on from childhood trauma. I felt safe, nurtured and allowed, in that space, to open up without judgment. I value Julia’s work and recommend it to those wanting to feel freedom.

Natalie, Ocean Shores