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2018 WORKSHOPS – Brunswick Heads, Northern NSW 

SING your Voice Open

PLAY activities to clear fear and judgement

WRITE your own mantra

This is a focused workshop on healing your voice and expanding your life.

If you are holding onto any fear about singing and expressing yourself this workshop is a potent mix of singing, introspection, heartfelt play, vocal technique, creative writing, light, laughter and healing.

In this supportive, nurturing and safe space take this unique opportunity to transform old niggling fears about your singing to open up not only your voice but your life.   All fears hold us back from truly being ourselves and hence block our flow.

I want to help you RELAX and OPEN into BEING YOU.    Love and acceptance of SELF (no matter what stage we are at in life), is key to our freedom and ultimately empowers us to connect to our innate creativity and achieve our highest potential.

We all have a unique sound and part of the healing is to fully accept your unique voice and your unique expression just as you are. 

2018 WORKSHOP DATES for Brunswick Heads NSW

February 17th,        March 17th,             April 14th (Harmony Workshop)

June 16th,                August 18th,           September 15th,            

October 20th,         November 17th,        

Times:      1:00pm to 5:00pm

Venue to be advised 

$100 or Early Bird  $75 (prepayment must be received one week prior to workshop)

Includes Healthy Wholesome Afternoon Tea

Bookings via email  or phone: 0412 201 736


Your Sense of Adventure,  

A bottle of Water,  

Cup / Mug for Hot Tea (to avoid using disposables)

Fun,    Energising,   Transforming

Listen to VoiceJam warming up with Hallelujah

Audio MP3

Snapshot of VoiceJam 2007-2016 Blessings & Heartfelt Thanks to ALL who shared the journey!


To enquire about how to arrange a Past Age Clearing and Healing session via SKYPE or Phone or book in for a Workshop or Retreat contact  Julia on or on +61 (0) 412 201 736.

Voicejam group singing

Before being introduced to the singing and healing workshops, I knew I loved singing and I knew I had problems from my childhood upbringing that I needed to address. This class has given me an amazing outlet to resolve issues from the past whilst doing something I love.
After class I am usually on cloud 9 and feel a wonderful connection to the group that Julia directs with a bright cheery confidence, amazing voice and lots of love.
I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to take control of there life and put the past where it belongs… in the past. You may want to visit the past occasionally but there is no need to live there.

Jack O’Dea, ‘Dishy CPA Accountant’, Byron Bay

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