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VoiceJam at your next Health Retreat

Ever considered a VoiceJam Singing experience to lift, brighten and energise your next health retreat?

It could be the most fun thing you do!

A VoiceJam session gives your participants the opportunity to let go, have fun and sing their hearts out in a safe and nurturing environment. It is energising, builds confidence, connection and playfulness which allows them to open and really feel joy on a very deep level.

A VoiceJam session enables you to:

  • enjoy singing with others
  • discover your power voice
  • experience singing harmonies
  • learn how to vocal jam
  • experience the healing effects of sound and music
  • clear fears and build self confidence

Did you know…

Singing is a very deep form of healing. People often experience emotional, mental and physical improvements and a greater connection to spirit (or self) immediately.
When harmonious sound surrounds someone who is in a state of disharmony, they will eventually come into resonance with the harmonious sound! All of our cells have a vibrational frequency and singing is one of the quickest ways to tune into that frequency, which enables an energy shift, thereby allowing you to ‘lighten up’ – as well as ‘recharge’ your entire being.

Here’s what people have said:

“Singing with Julia was nothing like I expected. Within 1 lesson I was singing confidently and I felt amazing! The beautiful harmonies of the group were captivating and I didn’t want it to end.”

“The singing session was fantastic. I loved every second of it.”


Here are just some of the retreats/workshops Julia has run or participated in

Starlight Festival Bangalow

Uplift Festival _ VoiceJam and Kirtans

Living Community Festival

Tracy Lucock Yoga East Gosford NSW

Artistry of the Soul in Bali with Kathryn Riding

Raise Your Vibration Retreat – Kundalini Yoga and Singing (put link to flyer)

Transforming Teens Workshops
Download pdf flyer

Singing & Healing Half Day workshops
Download pdf flyer

Red Tent Yoga – Kids & Parents Singing workshops

Tracy Tighe NIA Retreats Suffolk Park & Brisbane

Nature Goddess Woman’s Retreat, Summer Renewal Festival, Autumn Renewal Festival

Brisbane Mothers Group Cleveland

To enquire about how to arrange a Past Age Clearing and Healing session via SKYPE or Phone or book in for a Workshop or Retreat contact  Julia on or on +61 (0) 412 201 736.


Voicejam Health Retreats

Hi Julia, I just want to thank you for such a special day yesterday. I really enjoyed your energy and I felt I had quite a shift in the PACH session and as always loved the Kundalini Yoga and the Singing was an absolute blast. Blessings to you.

Louise Bowden, Manageress Bed & Breakfast, Byron Bay

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