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Sing Testimonials

I have attended many singing classes in France and Australia but never have I experienced such a feeling of happiness and wellbeing as I have felt during and after Julia’s singing healing classes.
Also It is amazing how Julia can take a group of people at all levels of ability and have them singing in a very short time – especially acapellas-  with such ecstasy that the hairs on your arms stand up… I can recommend Julia’s classes to anyone who has always wanted to sing and never thought it was possible.

Pamella Timmers, Retired Acupuncturist & Naturopath, Currently Artist, Mt Tamborine

VoiceJam has offered me an outlet and a practice for self expression. I moved to the area last year and wanted to get involved in the community and continue singing and came across an ad for VoiceJam.  It felt right.  After a VoiceJam session, I feel light and joyful and my heart is open and connected.  It is a wonderful class and something I look forward to all week!

Prue Blennerhassett, Marketing Director/Product Development, Byron Shire NSW

Before being introduced to the singing and healing workshops, I knew I loved singing and I knew I had problems from my childhood upbringing that I needed to address. This class has given me an amazing outlet to resolve issues from the past whilst doing something I love.
After class I am usually on cloud 9 and feel a wonderful connection to the group that Julia directs with a bright cheery confidence, amazing voice and lots of love.
I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to take control of there life and put the past where it belongs… in the past. You may want to visit the past occasionally but there is no need to live there.

Jack O’Dea, ‘Dishy CPA Accountant’, Byron Bay

I love the VoiceJam classes. They are actually healing for me, opening up my potential for emotional expression and release while having lighthearted fun. The lyrics are often either funny or inspiring. Julia’s knowledge of how to warm up the voice and loosen the body also reveals how much is involved in singing a song and why we all feel so good at and after the classes – braver and livelier.

Joya-Rose McIntyre, ‘Custodian’ of a Mediation Centre, Byron Shire NSW

I have been singing with Julia now for 6 months both in  one on one lessons and with her adult group. I instantly felt very comfortable with Julia, her beautiful energy and encouragement has helped me believe that I am a singer.
Her choice of songs is varied and I appreciate that the group work is as much about technique as the joy of singing in harmony.

Gypsy Crane, Byron Shire NSW

Well singing certainly was never one of my primary skill sets that’s for sure … but I reluctantly signed up for classes anyway. From the very first call Julia was totally embracing and encouraging and supportive.  Her beautiful spirit and energy inspired me to show up and share and explore my voice with others … and myself.   It was always fun and creative and connecting.  As a teacher, Julia’s inspiration extends far behind her own amazing voice … its her kindness of heart that really makes this singing experience so joyous and fulfilling.

Libby, Byron Shire NSW

Julia’s teaching style delivers. It is an extremely dynamic and an uplifting experience.  If you have the desire to learn how to sing but have found yourself confronted by fear and nerves, then this beautiful lady will help you overcome all of that. You will find yourself confidence growing with each lesson. Not to mention your inner peace, harmony and happiness. I have experienced this personally and can also see the growth, happiness and excitement in my children a 7yr old son & 10 yr old daughter. They come out of Julia’s classes absolutely beaming with happiness and self confidence.

C. Buckman, Banking Executive, Mullumbimby NSW

Singing with Julia is an experience of fun, creativity, sharing and laughter.  She blends proper techniques with activities to make it fun.  My singing voice and confidence singing with others improved immensely during the time I was singing with her, and I miss it terribly since moving out of the area.  For anyone who is considering taking up singing classes, I cannot recommend Julia enough.  She is a delight and a true singing gem.

Aveline Clarke, Brunswick Heads, NSW 2008

I have to say it is such a joy and a relief to find someone after all this time who really understands where I’m coming from and where I’m at with my singing and for that I thank you Julia. And how great to be able to do our sessions via Skype!

Rob Binks, ‘Singer, Songwriter, Performer’ & ‘Physiotherapist’,

Hi Julia,
You Rock! I had such an amazing time at my first lesson!
You manage to gently show me how to get in touch with my voice that has been struggling to come out in the past.
You nailed it quickly, then showed me where to find my tools to work with. I used them and I felt empowered and that I CAN Sing !
I’m so excited, I can’t wait for my next lesson….
The way you use a holistic approach is fantastic and I think definitely the True Foundation that will work for me. I’m so stoked that my voice was coming out and it felt sooooo good in just one lesson.
Thanks again, Big hugs,

Dr Sniggles, Clown Doctor,