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Weekly Classes


Sing……. just for the fun of it!

In a safe and nurturing environment you will experience singing harmonies, rounds and vocal jamming in many different genres.  More importantly though you learn to relax, let go and sing just for the fun of it.

Great for beginners & experienced singers, developing and working actors or anyone wanting to do public speaking

  • Learn vocal technique
  • Discover your power voice & improve your projection
  • Overcome inhibitions, clear stage fright & build confidence
  • Sing harmonies
  • Experience Vocal Jamming
  • Learn to trust your own creative expression


NIGHT CLASSES:     Starting Mar 2018    7pm to 8:30pm   
Every Tuesday night at
Brunswick Heads Primary School Hall,  Park Street, Brunswick Heads

PRICING: $60 per month paid up front or

CASUAL: $20 per class

Singing is the perfect workout.  Physically our nervous system slows down, the adrenals relax, we release endorphins, increase breath and stimulate circulation which all aids in cleansing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body.

Relax and listen to VoiceJam warming up with Hallelujah

Audio MP3


To enquire about how to arrange a Past Age Clearing and Healing session via SKYPE or Phone or book in for a Weekly Class, Workshop or Retreat contact  Julia on or on +61 (0) 412 201 736.

Sing....just for the fun of it

I have attended many singing classes in France and Australia but never have I experienced such a feeling of happiness and wellbeing as I have felt during and after Julia’s singing healing classes.
Also It is amazing how Julia can take a group of people at all levels of ability and have them singing in a very short time – especially acapellas-  with such ecstasy that the hairs on your arms stand up… I can recommend Julia’s classes to anyone who has always wanted to sing and never thought it was possible.

Pamella Timmers, Retired Acupuncturist & Naturopath, Currently Artist, Mt Tamborine

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